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Okay, Okay! Jeez.

The kids were rotten today in class. Not positively confrontational or destructive or any of the various infractions that can earn a trip to the principal’s office. They aren’t stupid enough for that! No, they were just entirely uncooperative, unwilling to do anything at all. Individuals might answer questions, or work very, very briefly on their assignments, but only just so long as I was breathing down their individual necks, and returned to goofing off instantly the moment I had to breathe down a different neck. The “wet noodle” school of cooperation.

I collected a lot of unfinished worksheets today. Small comfort. No grades will depend on today’s worksheet. Bad habits will take their toll eventually. I supposed, but that’s small comfort, too. Another sign of becoming a real teacher: I want the misbehaved kids to do well in the future despite themselves.

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