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{ Monthly Archives } October 2010

Sell Now, Pay Later

the dangers of selling privilege

Gamer Hope Foundation

informed op/ed source

Posts of the Past

late to the meme party

Putt Putt

proper miniature golf

Where Do the Minutes Go?

not-so-quick meals

Security By Exposure

Prosecute our last hope for accountability?

Show Me Where It Says

Delaware Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell, in formal debate with Democratic candidate Chris Cooms, shocked an audience of law students and their professors by denying that the US Constitution imposes a separation of church and state. Later attempts to explain away the gaffe as merely a demand to see where the precise phrase “separation of […]

School of Hard Knocks

freak cases in schools

I Endeavour to Give Satisfaction, Sir

the ultimate manservant

Daddy Issues

inheriting problems from a previous PC