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{ Monthly Archives } November 2010

Matter of Trust

I dunno; this is getting kinda sketchy. Just a few weeks ago, I voiced support for Wikileaks, when it helped release classified documents confirming that the US knowingly abetted torture of political prisoners in Iraq, with hints of active participation. At the time, I argued that somebody has to act as government watchdog. I would […]

Double Spooner

Eileene dropped an honest-to-god spoonerism today: intending to belittle something by describing it as “piddling and wee,” she called it “widdling and pee.” Not only do the spoken but unintentional words have meaning, but a common meaning, although “widdle” is more of a British expression than an American one. Wonderful! Only in the analytical aftermath […]

Carry On

Another painless passage through the airport on our return trip. A sparsity of passengers has a lot to do with it; you can’t be delayed by a long line if there’s no long line to delay you. But there’s another contributing factor this trip: I think this is the first flight I’ve ever taken without […]

Betrayal of Trust

I took gladly the news of Tom DeLay’s conviction for money laundering in violation of campaign finance laws. A friend points out that he was convicted under Texan law, not federal law, and so is likely to be pardoned by the governor, a product of the same corrupt system. We shall see. But at least […]

Too Far

We had to drop in at the clinic today; Mom had what proved to be an ear infection. I watched television news while waiting in the lobby, and the station—CNN, I believe—reported that, despite bitter complaint over new search procedures and threats of protests, actual resistance in the airports was negligible, and everything was flowing […]

Bark Butter

I found that Dad has two tubs of a product called “Birdacious Bugberry Bark Butter” in the basement. It’s a substitute for peanut butter as a lure for birdfeeders: smear it on something, cover it in seeds, and watch the birds flock in. I didn’t ask whether it is more or less expensive than peanut […]

Stay-at-Home Protest

Today’s flight to visit my folks for Thanksgiving was surprisingly easy and comfortable. Rain at O’Hare delayed our take-off from Newark for an hour, but you can’t blame anyone for the weather; factors under human control went just fine. Security delays were minimal, largely because Newark doesn’t yet have the new scanners installed (and thus […]

Now That Ain’t Right

Eileene quoted something, probably a tweet, to me this morning. I don’t remember it verbatim, but this is pretty close: “When right-wing bloggers start complaining about the TSA, you know it’s really gone overboard.” But, y’know, I don’t think that’s true at all. Not that the TSA isn’t going overboard. It went overboard in the […]

I Eat Danger For Danger

Dinner tonight is a hoagie, specifically salami, pepperoni, and provolone with lettuce, tomato, onion, and a touch of oil and vinegar. Mmm-boy. I continue to eat them, despite what I shall refer to as “gastric difficulty” in deference to family-friendly concerns. But lately, I’ve begun to ask myself whether they’re worth it. The fragrant wind, […]


Tomorrow, between class in the morning and the Write Group in the evening, I’ll attend what the school is calling a “job fair,” but is supposed to be rather less mechanized and more network-y. We’ll see. Naturally, I need to attend—I’ll be looking for employment next year. But I have a greater need than that. […]