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Carry On

Another painless passage through the airport on our return trip. A sparsity of passengers has a lot to do with it; you can’t be delayed by a long line if there’s no long line to delay you. But there’s another contributing factor this trip: I think this is the first flight I’ve ever taken without checking in luggage. That means only one line to pass through. Way better. So much better that I’m going to have to try restricting myself to carry-ons from now on.

That’s about four days’ clothing, in colder weather. I could get a whole weeks’ clothing packed for a summer trip. As long as I’ve got access to a washing machine and my hosts don’t mind seeing me wear the same outfit twice, I could handle a week-long stay in winter, too.

A bit tricky for Christmas, when I’m liable to have packages in tow, but still…

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