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{ Monthly Archives } September 2010

World of Civcraft

MontyZooma demands a sacrifice!

Coming to Grips With Civ5

Civ5: L24x, n00b!

Make or Break

visiting a hacker expo

Visionary Science

startling geophysics hypothesis


a moral hazard of philanthropy, too close to home

When Quercus Attacks

an aggressive sign of autumn

Simply for keeping this journal, I get attention, in the form of comments. Occasionally someone will offer an apropros remark; you can offer yours below. More often, though, I get fake comments—automated spam battering at everyone it can find, hoping to sell me Viagra or magazine subscriptions or Russian wives or gold or penis enlargement […]

You’re Doomed. Now What?

dropping hints out of character

T-Shirts for Hate

taking business elsewhere

Tidings of War

more Civ5 news, good or bad according to your perspective