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When Quercus Attacks

The natives are restless…

No, not the people; the trees. The neighborhood contains a large percentage of oaks, whose acorns have ripened enough to start dropping. Maybe it’s just me, but they seem unusually noisy this year as they thump off of car hoods and crack against the sidewalks. I get pelted pretty hard walking to school, too. It puts me in mind of the angry and sinister trees that populate certain fairy tale woods.

Or maybe it isn’t just me. Crop yields vary from year to year, according to the weather; quite possibly this has been a bumper year for acorns, for size or quantity or both. If so, we got the short end of the exchange. Judging by our early trip to the pick-your-own orchard, it’s been a lousy year for apples, and I’d rather have apples than acorns any day.

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