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Actual People, Actual Play

When our weekly RPG session fell through yesterday, I turned to the web for solace, reports of actual gaming experience to confirm or contradict my developing expectations (read: concerns) for the FATE system. In the process, I came across Actual People, Actual Play a podcast devoted to playtesting RPGs and reviewing how specific mechanics affect play.

Since they’ve been doing a lot of FATE recently—mostly The Dresden Files, but also a one-off in the gonzo post-apocalyptic style of Thundarr and Gamma World, and comments that suggest an earlier stab at Spirit of th e Century—the site was just what I wanted. But more than that, it’s topic is something of perpetual interest to me, delivered by people who seek to stay even-handed and open-minded. An excellent podcast, well worth the time of any system geek.

Gamers who don’t particularly care about systems as such should nevertheless listen to episode 44, which is a hoot.

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