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Keep the Envelope; Let Me Guess

I rarely pay much attention to the Academy Awards. I’m not enough of a movie fan to have strong opinions—hard to have opinions without seeing more than one film in a category—and there’s too much bullshit interfering with the stated purpose of the awards: sympathy votes for beloved actors nearing death, for example, or apology votes for actors unfairly overlooked the previous year.

But I’m going to go out on a limb here and make a prediction: Inside Job will beat out Exit Through the Gift Shop for documentary, even though Eileene and all her friends are rooting for Exit. We watched the lattter, and I have to agree it was very good. We didn’t watch Inside Job, but that’s supposed to be excellent, too. (I dare not watch it because it will just work me into an impotent rage.)

So why is my money on Inside Job, a movie I haven’t even seen? Because I expect the basic message “bankers have been screwing America” to play better with the Academy’s sympathies than the basic message “the art community is full of frauds.” Just a hunch.

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