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We stopped by the MoCCA comic show yesterday, mostly for Eileene’s benefit. I tend to stay at arm’s length from comics, as I do from all art forms, treasuring only a very few favorites and ignoring the merely good. Jason Shiga’s Meanwhile may belong in that elite first category. Shiga caused a stir a couple […]


Okay, okay, they got me. Sort of. As an April Fool’s Day joke,, a website devoted to freeware and shareware web games, offered a review of the new turn-based strategy game Tic Tac Toe. Even small children recognize tic tac toe as far too ancient and far too simple to waste time on, except […]

Silk Fantasy

I picked up a book tonight about the Silk Road, as a resource for RPG design. I’m considering something in the vein of the Arabian Nights folktales, a breathless whirl from Baghdad to Macao, with the PCs taking the role of retainers to an Arab prince smitten with love for a Chinese princess. With no […]


the Hellblazer formula

Simply for keeping this journal, I get attention, in the form of comments. Occasionally someone will offer an apropros remark; you can offer yours below. More often, though, I get fake comments—automated spam battering at everyone it can find, hoping to sell me Viagra or magazine subscriptions or Russian wives or gold or penis enlargement […]

Death Magic

a novel on deals with the devil

Open Office

trying out the new word processor