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Okay, okay, they got me. Sort of.

As an April Fool’s Day joke,, a website devoted to freeware and shareware web games, offered a review of the new turn-based strategy game Tic Tac Toe. Even small children recognize tic tac toe as far too ancient and far too simple to waste time on, except when the point of the exercise is something other than play—for example, when a novice coder implements the game simply to exercise his coding skills.

I figured such an exercise was offered for review at jayisgames on a lark, and that the reviewer (“Tricky,” which should have been a hint), knowing tic tac toe far too well and realizing all his readers did too, decided to have some fun with it. Hence the high-falutin’ language about territorial dispute, an implied back story, the philosophical ramifications of war to perpetual stalemate, and other rhetorical flourishes. Hey, if I were a reviewer called upon to review tic tac toe, I might well do the same.

But silly me: the game itself was an April Fool’s joke, albeit one which I came across five days late. So they got me. Sort of.

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