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For Gnomeregan!

Having heard that World of Warcraft is now free to play up to level 20, I took it for a spin last night, a trip down memory lane. It was very much like a return to one’s childhood home: not quite everything the same as I remembered it. Specifically, the gnomes now have their own […]

Sampling Fiasco

The other system I got to try last weekend was more rewarding. Fiasco is GM-less, rules-lite, and just generally the greatest departure from the traditional RPG I’ve tried. (Although it shares much with Executive Decision, I don’t consider the latter an RPG, strictly speaking, despite encouraging roleplaying while seeking to win by scoring victory points.) […]

Sampling Mouse Guard

NerdNYC held one of its Recess game conventions this weekend. (“Convention” is an overstatement for a one-day, two-slot event with maybe eighty to a hundred participants, but it’ll have to do.) I value Recess for its high incidence of new, experimental, and/or indie RPGs. D&D is still the biggest boy on the block, but even […]

Common Enemy

I’ve written before that the more I learn of upcoming MMO Star Wars: the Old Republic, the further my initial enthusiasm withers. No news since then has reversed that trend, but a recent video reporting on Operation: Eternity Vault has accelerated it. Amid wailing, demonic crescendos and booming timpani, we are informed that an even […]

Welcome to My Slashfic

Hoh-leeeeee crap! We just got the log from last night’s RPG. Wait. Let me back up. Ella, running our ongoing M&M “Tethered” campaign is taking a lengthy vacation. So Jude’s taking a sabbatical from gaming as well to ease his busy schedule, and Jen is running a three-session D&D game to keep the rest of […]

Forget It, Phelps

Had a laugh-out-loud moment last night, watching Eileene play L.A. Noire-with-an-“e.” Its protagonist, Detective Phelps, shares with Sgt. Friday a straight-as-an-arrow personality that’s stiffly awkward most of the time and occasionally rises to neurotic. Okay, I get the idea that he’s a straight cop in a dirty city, that he actually pursues evidence instead of […]

I don’t know whether anyone is actually playing Unknown Armies any more. I think the fan base was always comprised mostly of guys who bought the books and like to imagine playing someday, rather than actual players, but there was a time when the list featured rules questions and ideas for new material: plots, archetypes, […]

The Failure of Monte Cristo

Dave wants to run a campaign titled “Bastards,” for the PCs will be bastards in more than one sense: cut off from (what they consider) their rightful respective inheritances, and willing to sink to extreme and contemptible methods to secure them again. If we can really stick to our resolve, it should stretch our boundaries, […]

I Like to Watch

Eileene’s been playing L.A. Noire, and I’ve been watching. Watching is the ideal way to enjoy it. The production values are high; the celebrated facial simulation, in particular, may not live up to the hype, but it is very good. A promise of things to come. The strategic interface, seamlessly fitting into the setting as […]

The “I” of “It”

Okay, that was cute. “The I of It” is a freebie web game that might loosely be called a platform jumper, even though there’s no actual jumping. You control a capital I, separated from and looking for its soulmate, a small t. In place of the jump button, you can choose to elongate or shorten […]