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Cheesesteak and More

My parents are meeting us for a weekend in Philadelphia (Not exactly halfway between Illinois and New Jesey!) and it falls to me to pick out activities and attractions to keep us busy apart from the Cleopatra exhibit that drew Mom in the first place.

Unfortunately, we’ve taken them there on a day trip already, and visited what used to be a park laid out around the Liberty Bell and is now a grand, glitzy, hall full of sanitized patriotism. And once you’ve covered that, the points of interest begin to thin out. We might try a hands-on children’s museum, the botanic gardens, the art museum, or a goofy golf course that sounds like part of a tourist trap, but…nothing remarkable.

The restaurant selection, however—oh, my! I don’t know when Philly advanced from delis to dining mecca, but Zagat has pages and pages of restaurants rated over 25 for food, when our benchmark of worthiness is 20. It cannot yet rival NYC for great tiny eateries, which all seem to be cheesesteak stands, or for variety of ethnic food, but there’s plenty to keep us bloated all weekend and wishing we had the room to try others.

Well, that’s practically axiomatic. One stop at the Famous 4th Avenue Deli is enough to keep you feeling bloated for a weekend.

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