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Flight Theme

Ella just returned from her trip to…Costa Rica? I’m pretty sure Costa Rica. Her description of a zipline adventure sounds terrific. Essentially, they rig up a line—or rather, several in series—stretching from somewhere on a mountainside to somewhere lower down. You climb into a harness dangling from the line by a pulley wheel, make sure you have a firm grip with your braking glove, and zzzzip! off you go, platform to platform, for up to an hour at a stretch. Some ziplines stretch over the jungle canopy, some dare to dip beneath it.

Determining to try it myself sometime, I realized I would be humming the Mission Impossible theme, at least for part of the trip, pretending to be an international agent slipping quietly into some mastermind’s surprisingly explosive compound. Just before I asked whether Ella did the same, she reached a point in her narrative where she admitted to singing the theme from The Greatest American Hero. Clearly everyone will have their favorite theme song, like Bill Cosby’s childhood friends on their soapbox racers—the theme from Superman, maybe, or “Up in the Air, Junior Birdmen,” but a theme song is definitely a mandatory part of the experience.

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