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Reliving the Past

I dream about school all the time, now. Hardly surprising when half my day is spent there. What bothers me, though, is that most of my dream classes are at least partially filled, sometimes entirely filled, with kids from my own high school days and not the kids I’m now teaching.

What does it mean? A carry-over from eight times the exposure (four years as opposed to one as-yet-incomplete semester)? A case of first learned, last forgotten? Or does it reflect something more sinister—unresolved issues from my youth? (I think my unresolved issues date back to college, not high school, but…)

And why am I so much younger in my dreams? Still the teacher, but once again seventeen. I’m ready for teaching to become sufficiently routine that my dreams settle down to the much more mundane stuff I’m used to; this is all too evocative. Especially since I’m not sure what it evokes.

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