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Casting a Short Shadow

The calm following spring break didn’t last long.

After a week off, both teachers and students had a chance to get all their stuff together. The kids were, by-and-large, sufficiently refreshed to put up with sitting through lessons. We had pleasant weather, but not so pleasant as to keep the students focused on getting outside.

Now it’s Wednesday, and it’s all back to business as usual, or worse. Lots of missing assignments, and shoulder chips visible to the naked eye. And my kids just aren’t getting the lessons. It’s our third day on probability in one class, our second on some very simple formula work in the others, so I chalk the failure up to a lack of attention and not the difficulty of the material, or to my own arcane delivery. And the bad apples are being complete shits: three detention slips in one day.

We’re only three days past a week’s vacation, and already I want a break. Or at least a nap.

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