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{ Monthly Archives } July 2011

Look What You Made Me Let You Force Me to Let You Do!

I don’t need to point out that Mitch McConnell’s plan for dealing with the imminent US debt crisis and consequent shut-down of the federal government is a total steaming pile. Others before me have (correctly) identified it as (1)an act of ideology, placing proven failed economic policy ahead of good governance, (2)an act of hypocrisy, […]

Bad Night in the Monkey Cage

For Eileene’s birthday, I got her some short skirts and short shorts. They were a good choice; twice this month alone she’d expressed a desire for skirts that (a) were shorter and sexier, and (b) fit better since she’s lost so much weight. It saves her from shopping for clothes, a task both of us […]

Librarian Angels

We watched The Adjustment Bureau last nigh on DVD. Ordinary. The reality-bending, head-game-y tone was undermined by some flagrant shortcuts, as such films are prone to. I wouldn’t bring it up at all, but for the peculiar experience of watching it through a particular mental lens. A spoiler alert is in order here. If you […]

For Gnomeregan!

Having heard that World of Warcraft is now free to play up to level 20, I took it for a spin last night, a trip down memory lane. It was very much like a return to one’s childhood home: not quite everything the same as I remembered it. Specifically, the gnomes now have their own […]

Hot White Trash

Apart from the equation of patriotism with militant tribalism, the other thing I noticed at small-town, middle-America Kirkwall was the chicks—more specifically, I noticed which chicks I noticed. I’m a girl watcher. Have been since before puberty; will be after all the relevant biomachinery ceases to function. Actually, girl-watching is a lot more fun in […]

True Blue

We watched the fireworks last night. Because I was sick with an airport cold, I didn’t feel up to braving the crowd and hike from parking to viewing at the Rockford firework show, so we went instead to the more modest Kirkland fireworks. It was nice, too; gradually it’s dawned on me that the immediacy […]

Bug Hell

My folks have a Japanese beetle infestation—not exactly a biblical plague, but enough of a nuisance that they go out and scour the garden, killing them by tossing them into a jar of soapy water. So when I saw on sitting on the edge of the toilet this morning, I grabbed a tissue and crushed […]

The Cracked Came Back

When did Cracked get funny? When I was a kid, maybe ages 8-12, I read Mad magazine. Its glory days were long past; Kurtzman’s successors just weren’t as good, but it was still funny, on-and-off—Al Jaffee was just crude, and Dave Berg was stiffly formulaic, but Mort Drucker did silly little things in the margins […]