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{ Monthly Archives } November 2010

Deficit Calculator

Boy, is this a neat little budget calculator. You can use it to find whether your ideas of how to eliminate the federal deficit would do the job, or even reduce it significantly. I found I could eliminate the projected 15-year projected shortfall without sacrificing anything I valued, and even generate hundreds of billions’ surplus. […]

Catch and Release

The new airport body scanners are in place in time for the Thanksgiving ritual of flying to family dinners, and everybody is grousing again about increased security measures that don’t measurably increase actual security. Glancing in car trunk didn’t increase security. Nominally a search for weapons, I’ve driven through airports simply to have guards confirm […]


Veteran’s Day today. I was surprised to find the library closed when MSU had been open, and so was unable to return the Great Lectures CDs. This series is on Mediterranean religion, and it’s okay. More appropriate to the holiday, the previous lecture I borrowed was on WWI, and that was pretty good. As a […]

Unintended Hints

The new campaign is off and running: our five PCs are to usher in a new epoch, whatever that means. I’m guessing that the once-invisible spirits which hover near select individuals and give them superpowers are about to manifest to the entire world. Hard to know for sure, because (A) we’ve only had one session, […]

The Lost Age in the RPG

the triteness of post-apocalyptic settings

Retaking Guv’mint

Okay, so Tea Party darlings aren’t always the most sophisticated politicians. They get facts wrong, they make enemies more often than they make friends, they positively reject the very notion of accommodation and compromise upon which democracy depends. They spout hateful rhetoric and downright wacky ideas so often that it’s almost ceased to be funny. […]

Tom vs. the Martians

the bad father’s greatest fantasy

Bad Apples

testing the adage

Not Sinking In

“what am I doing wrong” syndrome

Messy Jack

jack-o’-lantern pics